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Piazza Pretoria

All About Us


Dreaming of a getaway? Let us make the arrangements for you. Harken Travel is offering first-class travel planning services and guidance all around the world. Our skilled agents are experts at finding special offers and helping you secure the best travel deals and experiences. We want to build relationships and be your go to source for your current and future travel needs. We are here to not only advise, but be your go to resource before and after your travels. Typically you will not have to pay for our services, you won't overpay for any of your trips, we know how to avoid the common mistakes, we can get you extra perks, and we can find packages and group rates.


With our established industry connections, we can offer unique travel promotions that you just can’t find anywhere else. Contact us today for a consultation or provide your information to us for a quote. We’re here to make your experience as seamless and relaxing as possible.

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